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          From 1st August 2020 to 30th November 2020 We're serving Semi-Buffet!

          What is Semi-Buffet?

          Main dish (chef choice on the day) each customer can choose: Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Fish or Vegetarian (limited to one serving per customer) 

          Free flow of soup, noodle, salad, pastry, cold cuts and fruits and also drinks (Coffee\Tea\Plain Water)

          - Hi-Tea is buffet, no main course -

          More detailed info, please refer the Reference Menu

          Reference Menu

          There's two booking page

          1. Table Reservation

          2. Table Decor/Cake/Flower Bouquet 

          Starting from 1st of September

          Windows seat will be charge according to session.

          Surcharge for window seat:

          RM25 per table (Lunch / Hi-Tea) | RM50 per table (Dinner)

          Window Seat cannot be reserve, please pay on the spot. subject to availability

          We require advance booking for

          Table Reservation - at least 1 week before (depends on the availability)

          Table Decor, Flower Bouquet, Cake - 3 days before

          Request Cancel/Postpone Due to COVID