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Temporary Closure of Atmosphere 360° Restaurant Notice

Dear Sirs,

Temporary Closure of Atmosphere 360° Restaurant Notice

“Dear valued Malaysians and international guests,

It is with great regret that we must inform you of the temporary closure of Atmosphere 360, located within the iconic Menara Kuala Lumpur. Due to unforeseen circumstances and uncertain elements, we have been compelled to comply with a court order, thereby disrupting the highly anticipated Christmas celebrations.

We understand the disappointment and frustration this may cause, especially for those who had eagerly booked their reservations months in advance, looking forward to celebrating this joyous occasion with their loved ones at Malaysia’s national icon, KL Tower.

While we do not believe that the act by the parties involved was intended to cause disharmony and confusion among those celebrating Christmas, we cannot condone the misery, anger, and frustration that it has brought about to over 1000 individuals. This is unacceptable, and we strongly hope for this matter to be resolved by the authorities and never repeated at such a sensitive time of festivities.

We assure you that our team is tirelessly working to resolve the situation and reopen Atmosphere 360 as soon as possible. Your support and understanding during this challenging time are deeply appreciated.

We are also doing everything within the legal parameters to have Atmosphere 360 reopen, as there are ongoing legal disputes at various levels of the Malaysian courts. Atmosphere 360 has always been willing and able to operate, providing the best dining experience to our customers. Currently, we are engaged in a legal battle to continue operating due to an issue with the Menara KL concession, which we believe will bring justice to all parties involved.

On behalf of Atmosphere 360, we extend our heartfelt apologies for the distress and disappointment caused by this unfortunate circumstance. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you and your families, who had intended to celebrate the holiday season with us.

We kindly request all our beloved guests to contact our reservation team at 03-20202020, 03-20202121 to process refunds for their bookings. Rest assured, we eagerly await the opportunity to serve you in the near future, providing unforgettable culinary experiences and creating cherished memories.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.”

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Revolving Features Not Available

Our revolving feature is currently undergoing scheduled maintenancePlease be assured that the rest of our operations will remain unchanged, and we will continue to provide the exceptional service and exquisite cuisine that you have come to expect from us. Thank you.

Posted on 27/10/2023

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